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Etch A Sketch® for Android

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Price: Free / .99

The “Official” Etch A Sketch® application. Re-live the classic drawing fun of Etch A Sketch®. Dazzle your friends with doodle masterpieces. With the multi-touch feature, use both knobs at once – just like the real Etch A Sketch®. Want to start over? Shake to erase your sketch!


  • Use the knobs or draw with your finger
  • Shake to erase just like the Etch A Sketch® toy
  • Save your drawings and import photos (Full Version)
  • Change colors using the paint palette (Full Version)
  • Complete various games and puzzles to test your etching skills (Full Version)

Also, check out to view a gallery of user generated sketchs and much more!

Get the app on your Android devices here:

System Requirements:

  • Android device with 2.2 software or higher
  • Access to Google Play or Amazon Appstore